10 business ideas in the field of entertainment, sports and leisure

1. Car room of fear

In the United States, on Halloween, you can visit the horror rooms without getting out of the car. Businessmen decided to combine two different American traditions in one format. These are Haunted Attractions – fairground tents-attractions in the style of “panic rooms” that appear all over America on Halloween eve, as well as a Halloween car race of red and black cars, the idea of ​​which arose a little later, in the age of cinema.

It so happened that in American novels and cult horror films there are many “strange cars” driven by bad creatures from other worlds, the servants of Evil. And sometimes the cars themselves are Evil, ghost cars, “live” cars, with evil will and mind, which harm those who bought them and drove them. Suffice it to recall at least Stephen King’s story “Almost Like a Buick”.

As a result, a hybrid appeared, such a room of fear, which you cannot enter with your feet, on foot. You can and should enter this room of fear by car and drive through without stopping. This is so as not to create crowds during the coronavirus pandemic. And the entrance ticket to the attraction is your carnival costume, in which you will sit behind the wheel. Plus the color of the car – ideally black or red. Cheap and angry.

<Note that the concept of drive through (a kind of service that allows the client to purchase products or order services without leaving the car) is used much more widely in the United States than in our country. In Russia, most often you can only order from a car in fast food restaurants.

2. Hire friends and girlfriends for shopping

A few years ago, shopping malls in China introduced rental services for shopping companions. The first such unusual service was offered by one of the shopping centers in Heyuan province, where young men were exhibited for rent in special boxes. For just 1 yuan an hour, guys are ready to go shopping with you, help you choose things, carry bags and pretend that they are not bored. At the same time, touching young people is prohibited.

A similar service has also appeared in Guangdong province, where girls are offered as escorts. Waiting for buyers, they stand on special yellow podiums, and the inscription behind them says that they are “shared girlfriends”. It was possible to pay for the rental of shopping girlfriends using a QR code, and the cost of their services was 1 yuan for 20 minutes.

Interestingly, girls for shopping do not enjoy the same success as guys. In Heyuan, as many as 15 “girlfriends” were offered for rent, but no one was interested in most of them. The fact is that men go shopping less often, and it’s all the more embarrassing for them to rent girls in a public place.

3. Curling at home

The game of curling is a skating rink, ice and a yard. It has nothing to do with home. But Urban Outfitters offers to give it a try – and get a branded sliding curling mat. Recognizable sports equipment is attached to the mat. So that players definitely feel completely immersed in their favorite game.

If you follow the same path, you can certainly find other sports disciplines that can be transferred to “room mode”. Such business ideas fit into the experience trend , that is, when a business helps people get various non-trivial experiences. These are ideas in the spirit of “do it yourself”, “try it again” and all the same plan.

4. The Anti-Procrastinator Club

A co-working space called ImpactHub hosts unusual paid meetings on Sundays. At exactly 9 am on a Sunday, you come to a strange event called Cave Day or “a day spent in a cave.” Under the guidance of a few coaches, you turn in your phones, briefly describe your sadness and … sit down to work.

You work all Sunday – on those projects that you yourself put off – for weeks, months, or even years. Along the way, they bring you cookies, pleasant music, group physical education sessions and just warm support from coaches and comrades in misfortune. This medical-labor dispensary (in short – LTP) resembles the meetings of anonymous alcoholics and, most likely, was written off from them. Do you also have a dependence on various reasons – to be distracted and not engage in your own creative self-realization?

In Soviet times, there were rest houses for writers and composers – fussy Muscovites retired there to finish a novel or a concert program in the company of ringing pines. Today we live in a more democratic world, so everyone has the opportunity to visit the “departmental holiday home for the elite” – not only the party creative nomenclature …

5. Training systems built into the interior

This design startup and their product is called G-Wall. They appeared just in time for the coronavirus pandemic and immediately began to work, design in the wake of growing demand for home fitness . G-Wall is a smart wall-gym built into the design of the apartment – with everything you need for fitness.

G-Wall immediately received an award for their brainchild at the design competition – K-Design Award 2020. This design refinement, of course, cannot be found in our apartments, although the authors believe that their invention is very ergonomic and convenient and can be considered part of your habitual closet. 

6. Game room for men

Groupon has come up with an original gift for all men for the American holiday Father’s Day (analogous to our February 23rd). The gift is quite expensive, worth 60 thousand dollars and is called Fully Furnished Sound-Isolation Man Cave. If it’s easier – the Cave of the Muzhik. This is a cabin that can be placed anywhere in the room. The cabin is soundproof, compact, fully furnished, equipped with all the entertainment that a working man usually amuses himself in his free hours before bedtime. There is a refrigerator, a sun lounger, a TV for watching movies and playing console games, upholstered furniture and a table. There are no children, wife, mother-in-law, as well as any rules, restrictions and noises associated with them.

In general, the topic of men’s recreation areas is quite relevant, and has been raised more than once not only in home improvement, but also in public areas. Back in 2011, playrooms for men appeared in the Australian division of IKEA. So that men do not get bored while waiting for their women, the room was equipped with board games, slot machines and consoles, as well as car magazines, books and massage chairs.

A similar relaxation room called Husband nursery opened in 2016 in one of the shopping centers in Shanghai . Indoors, it was proposed to relax in a regular or massage chair, watch TV or just dig into the phone. In addition, in Chinese shopping centers there are also special relaxation boxes “for everyone”, reminiscent of capsule hotels. For example, Rest or Meet boxes with an area of ​​5 squares have Wi-Fi, a split system, a table and a sofa, but at the same time, there is no toilet.

7. Beer bar-bike for rent

An unusual option for making money in Russia is renting a beer bar-bicycle. What is a beer bar bike? This is a huge pedal unit for fun companies for 14-16 people, comparable to the size of a passenger car and outlandishly combines the healthy lifestyle trend with sipping a pint of dark unfiltered. The business idea came to us from Europe, or rather from Germany and the Netherlands, but has already won fans in other parts of the world. Today, beer bike bars are already being sold with might and main on Aliexpress.

Since such a bar is equipped with a beer pourer, in addition to a sober driver, a bartender may also be required along the way. He can also act as a tour guide. The cost of renting a beer bar can be safely made high, since the company usually hires it as a clubbing. According to rough estimates, it is possible to pay back such a unit, working only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in about 8 months. 

You can read more about this unusual way of earning in this material .

8. VR Karting

After the appearance of the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, many not-so-obvious areas for their application were revealed. One of the types of business that can significantly transform with VR glasses is karting. VR karting is a hybrid of real driving and virtual experience. The ride takes place on a real karting track, but the atmosphere around is virtual. With VR goggles, riders can race around glittering skyscrapers, erupting volcanoes, tropical island greenery – anywhere!

Of course, the opening of such an attraction will cost a decent amount, because you will have to invest not only in a karting track and cards, but also in VR glasses and a tracking system. Therefore, this option is best suited as a business expansion for existing owners of karting centers.

9. Jacuzzi cinema

The idea of ​​a jacuzzi-cinema was invented in England, but it can be implemented anywhere. This type of entertainment offers visitors to combine business with pleasure: watching movies and taking hot baths. To implement such an idea, you will have to invest a considerable amount to purchase at least 8-10 hot tubs and cinema equipment (large screen, sound system, projector, etc.). Additional costs may be associated with the organization of the bar and the purchase of rights to show films. You should also take into account the monthly costs of maintaining the baths: they need to be cleaned regularly, the water changed, etc.

The idea of ​​whirlpool cinemas requires a lot of money, but due to its novelty, it can bring good profit. It is better to implement it in large cities, where you can no longer surprise the public with an ordinary cinema, and people are looking for new entertainment formats. Jacuzzi-cinemas are opened on the roofs of skyscrapers with a beautiful view, or indoors, emphasizing a certain club format. The first Russian experiments in this direction, by the way, already exist.

Such a business is perfectly combined with the organization of corporate parties, private holidays, the sale of subscriptions, the organization of photo shoots, romantic dates and much more. Owners can add a stage and show program to their establishment, attract stand-up comedians, conduct quizzes. To create something completely new, you can dream up what other types of modern public spaces can be combined with a jacuzzi.

10. Snookball

Snookball is a hybrid of billiards and football, football billiards or, more simply, billiards without a cue. Cue replace legs. Some say it’s more like a hybrid of bowling and football. In any case, thanks to the combination of different sports, the excitement here is multiplied by three.

Snookball is great for attracting a crowd and almost everyone wants to play. A snookball court in the classic version has parameters of 6.5×3.5×0.5 meters, and you can buy one ready-made with an artificial one for an amount of around 160 thousand rubles, an inflatable playground with Aliexpress can be found in the region of 50-60 thousand rubles. It is possible to install the site both on the street and indoors, for example, in shopping and entertainment centers. The main thing is not to be located next to glass showcases. Otherwise, adventures in relations with neighboring shops by landlords are guaranteed.

Surprisingly, even snookball is already quite tired of many people. At least abroad – in some places outside the Moscow Ring Road he is still not really known. And in order to somehow revive the trend, snookball has now even been transferred to the pool. But we can still get by with the classic version.

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