7 business ideas related to children

11. Neuroeducation for kids

Neuroeducation (or neuropedagogy, neurodidactics) is a new niche in education, which is based on the introduction of strategies and technologies based on research in the field of brain functioning. This direction is a combination of neuroscience, psychology and education to optimize the educational process and learning. With the help of neurotechnologies, which are becoming more and more popular all over the world today, school students show better results. Especially progress is noticeable in students with learning and developmental difficulties.

First, students take a cognitive test. Based on its results, an individual brain training program is being created to improve neurocognitive abilities. Further, in their work, teachers use one of the neuroeducation programs, which makes it possible to improve teaching methods and didactics, correct learning disabilities and enhance cognitive functions.

Unlike traditional lessons and dry cramming, with such learning, emotions are more involved in the process, which allow you to better remember information, educational material of different styles and formats is used (visual, kinesthetic, musical, etc.), lessons are conducted more dynamically, different ways of repeating learned material are used. Also, the emphasis is on the semantic component “why do I need this?”, Active feedback is given.

12. Educational toys with augmented reality

A popular trend today is educational and educational games for children with augmented reality . Some companies, like 4D SMARTY, produce special cards that, when hovered over, will bring up various characters and animals on a child’s phone. Others, like LEGO, are adding AR to their building sets, causing the assembled characters to come to life, gain intelligence, and begin to act meaningfully. Still others – go further – and with the help of AR technologies cancel the lessons on dissecting frogs and show their insides without psychological trauma for the child. In a word, there can be many directions for starting here.

13. Baby food subscription

Gerber is one of the leaders in the baby food market. Its products are jars with various purees – from fruits and vegetables to meat and cereals (cereals). Today, this company has almost completely retrained only for organic products, because nothing else will “enter” modern mothers. So, the child begins to get acquainted with the products of “Farmer-Farmer” from the age of three months – from the beginning of complementary foods. Furthermore. Gerber also took on an educational function. She draws up the boxes wisely and sends them out also not without intent – by subscription.

Subscribing to branded goods and delivering boxed kits is much like a curriculum, a thoughtful lecture schedule, and a set of training courses. Why are we doing this and that this semester and this and that the second? And so it is necessary because! There is only one difference with the process of education in college. By consuming a subscription to goods, you do not consume the words of the teacher, not his knowledge, but goods that you can touch or even eat. In general, in Europe and the USA, such food subscription services are no longer new, but in Russia such services are found mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

14. Unicorn Shop

In case you haven’t noticed, the world has been obsessed with unicorns for years now. Cosmetics with unicorns, photo shoots with horses converted into unicorns, food with unicorns – we have already talked about these and other examples of this global insanity in this article . Brooklyn Owl, an accessories store for unicorn lovers, decided to play with trump cards. He just trades in everything related to the theme of unicorns. The store is located in Brooklyn and is owned by Annie Bruce, the woman whose little daughter first came up with the idea of ​​wearing a unicorn horn on her forehead. Now any princess can buy horns.  

In addition to horns and hooves, in the store you can find and buy all the remaining complete equipment for the carnival in kindergarten. However, adults there also have something to try on and buy, if these adults are still children at heart…

15. Production of non-standard children’s beds

Probably everyone knows about the American animated series Minions. These one-eyed yellow minions have replaced SpongeBob and Cars. A generation of children has already grown up who have become teenagers on this series. For them, a cartoon bed and mattress “Despicable Me” has been created – depicting a huge hero from this series. The minion mattress can “hug” its owner. 

16. Children’s 3D printers

Abroad, 3D printers are actively used to teach children at schools and summer camps, but in Russia they are used so far only by entrepreneurs from robotics clubs .

As a rule, children’s 3D printers are small in size. With their help, you can print small toys like cars, dolls, dollhouse furniture. In such printers, the interface and software are as simple as possible, in addition, they are designed so that children are not injured on the moving and heated surfaces of the printer.

With the help of 3D printing, children develop not only creative thinking, but also design and design skills. In addition, the child learns to “get” for himself those toys that he wants, using, first of all, not the parent’s wallet, but his own brain.

Of course, as an addition, manufacturers of 3D printers for children also offer catalogs of what can be printed using the device. These options demonstrate the capabilities of the device, from which you can push off at the very beginning of mastering the printer. 

17. Children’s fantasy hotel rooms

Singapore-based Shangri-La Hotel, a luxury hotel chain, has decided to equip some of its family rooms with unique fantasy-themed children’s areas. Now little guests can spend the night in unique fortress beds, wooden houses with a second floor, spaceships, castles, nomad tents, etc. The entire sleeping area was created in the spirit of the design, including paintings on the walls, carpets and more. The cost of a night in one of the five fantasy rooms will cost from $700. The hotel also took care of children’s areas outside the rooms, creating cooking classes, a music studio, a party room, a toddler area and an outdoor playground in the form of a pirate ship.

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