9 startups in real estate and construction

36. Premium rental service

Dongnae, a South Korean startup that recently raised $21 million in funding, is helping renters find premium apartments and make them more affordable, as most luxury properties come with extremely high collateral. The mission of the company is a unique rental system in South Korea called “Jeonse”. Tenants can rent for free (or for a small monthly fee) with a large one-time deposit of approximately $600,000 for a two-year lease.

With Dongnae FLEX, tenants can save approximately 98% on their housing deposits. Dongnae PLUS, on the other hand, allows tenants to access home services such as appliance and furniture rental, internet/cable TV access, etc.

To provide a complete online experience, the company offers virtual 3D tours of its facilities, and the lease agreement can be signed electronically. Dongnae claims to currently manage over 60 top residential developments in Seoul and Pangyo, South Korea’s Silicon Valley. More than 80% of service users are local Koreans; most of them are young professionals working in the city. However, as restrictions are eased due to COVID-19, the company is seeing a steady increase in the number of foreign clients, including businessmen and diplomats. Dongnae will launch iOS and Android apps and home services marketplace this year.

37. Gradual buyout of houses

The essence of the Up&Up startup is the rental of houses with their gradual redemption. The tenant rents a house, pays the rent and additionally replenishes the virtual account in Up&Up. How much money he contributed, so many parts of the house he bought. And to close the deal completely, at any time you only need to pay the remaining amount. At the same time, it is interesting that when moving, the amount deposited into the account can be proportionally transferred to another property or cashed out, but with a loss of 10%. By the end of 2021, Up&Up is working with approximately three hundred homes.

38. Mini-saunas on the balcony

The creation of mini-saunas on the balcony as a business, although present in Russia, but the competition here is low. Saunas on the balcony are meter-long cabins in which you can take a steam bath, and which you can show off to friends and acquaintances. So far, many people are not even aware that such saunas exist, so this type of activity will need good advertising and publicity.

39. Glamping among birdhouses

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has created an unusual tree-top hotel room concept called the Biosphere. Around the number is a spherical grid, with 350 birdhouses fixed on it. Thanks to the glass walls, the guest, without getting up from his bed, can see the countless number of birds living nearby. Spending the night in such a place will surely delight lovers of birdwatching .

The area of ​​the room inside the sphere is 34 square meters, the design is made in stylish dark shades. On the ground floor there is a sofa and a hammock chair, a bathroom and a kitchenette, and stairs lead to the mezzanine bedroom. The sphere itself with the number is located on the pines in the active forest area, and you can get to it via a suspension bridge.

Biosphere was developed by BIG for the Treehotel Project in Sweden, which brings together different architects to create treehouse-style hotel rooms. The Swedish ornithologist Ulf Oman was brought in to help bring the idea to fruition, and the shapes and sizes of the birdhouses were carefully selected for different bird species.

One of BIG’s main concerns was the state of the glass’s cleanliness – the company was afraid that cleaning it would become an ongoing problem. However, the ornithologist assured that birds do not usually shit in nesting areas, so the glass will not immediately lose its transparency. The hotel is expected to be completed and open to visitors in late 2022, when it will cost approximately $1,260 per night, including breakfast for two.

Such a room is, of course, inherently glamping. We have already talked about what it is . In fact, glampings are new and cozy tourist bases with a qualitatively different approach to the design of residential premises and the quality of service. This is not the first time that Swedish hoteliers have been surprising with their ideas – the portal “1000 Ideas” has described a similar idea of ​​a nest hotel on a tree for a very long time .

In Russia, glampings began to appear a little later than in the rest of the world, but this is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to pick up an unusual concept and immediately take into account other people’s mistakes. You can find out how to open a glamping and how much money it will approximately take

40. Building mini-offices in the backyard

During the coronavirus restrictions, many people sent to work from home have experienced the full benefits of working and doing business from home . When screaming children constantly interfere with work, when attention is constantly switched to household chores, when it is difficult to change from working rhythm to rest and back. At the same time, not every person has the opportunity to equip a cozy office within a house or apartment.

In such conditions, the services of companies like Backyard Room may be relevant. She decided to offer a unique product – the turnkey construction of mini-offices in your backyard. The cost of creating an office starts from 15 thousand dollars. The room can immediately be equipped with all the necessary pieces of furniture and integrate the necessary technologies to perform the work.

A yard office is designed and built in about six weeks, and the structure takes about five days to complete. Much attention is paid by the company to the eco-friendly design of the studio. In such a room you can not only work, but also create and relax, escaping from the daily routine. Such a human booth may appeal to both women who are mired in the household and in need of a recreation area, and men – as a more modern and cultivated alternative to traditional male caves – a garage, sheds, workshops, and so on.

41. Search for housing co-investors

Canadian startup Coproperly helps home buyers, which are growing rapidly everywhere, including in Canada, in search of potential co-investors from around the world. In addition to the search itself, the site also provides assistance in the complex nuances of concluding a joint ownership agreement and simplifies many legal issues related to the design of housing.

The process of using the Coproperly service is quite simple. The user just needs to enter the parameters according to his budget and additional criteria and select a co-investor from the proposed candidates. Further, co-investors will be able to continue the joint search for real estate through trusted partners. The platform acts as a guarantor of the protection of investments and relations between the parties, and thanks to legal templates, making any decisions with co-owners is greatly simplified. With the help of Coproperly, you can also organize the resale of your part of the property, in addition, housing management services are provided, including repairs, rentals and much more.

42. NFT real estate marketplace

American media company HomeJab, a professional real estate photography and recruitment service, has officially launched its first NFT marketplace called real, which will be dedicated to original real estate images.

The platform is designed for real estate agents and marketers who are looking for new ways to interact with potential clients. Instead of relying on stock images, real allows professionals to create their own NFTs by giving them full ownership of the real estate images.

The marketplace now includes NFT images of places such as cityscapes, landmarks, central areas, commercial outlets, buildings, bridges, parks, beaches, and more. As demand grows, supply will expand. Thus, the platform allows agents and brokers to increase brand awareness and avoid confusion, destroying the old, legacy model of stock images that are used hundreds of times by different companies.

43. Renting a house with an unknown location

Startup Slow Cabins offers its customers not to rack their brains about choosing a place for their trip and book a cabin… no one knows where. The feature of the service is that the location data becomes known only after the order is paid. The lodges are located in the tranquil countryside of Belgium, perfect for an idyllic getaway for yourself, couples or families. By keeping the location a secret, the company relieves you of the stress of planning a relaxing holiday. The creators of the service periodically change the location of their houses to please regular customers with a new travel experience.

44. Assessment of buildings for carbon neutrality

Today, building owners and managers are increasingly looking for ways to achieve carbon neutrality, but sorting through and analyzing the vast amount of information is often an overwhelming task. Marketplace Station A is designed to connect buyers and sellers of clean energy and is great for simplifying the process. Owners enter their building addresses to receive a Clean Energy Grade rating.

Based on artificial intelligence, the platform, depending on the location and climate, assesses the situation and offers many options for reducing carbon emissions with a corresponding financial forecast for each project. Users can directly compare new system installation costs, upgrade fees, and project payback periods. Station A also acts as a consultant, advising on all stages of the structure’s transition to clean energy.

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