Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

The time has passed when augmented reality was used exclusively in advertising and PR campaigns – to be honest – unsuccessful and giving away cheap. Then we almost buried her. But the developers woke up and came up with a more useful application of augmented reality. Today, in the post-COVID era, education has shifted towards full computerization and virtualization. So everything is logical! 

Virtual freshman fairs

The first example relates to the topic “education” only indirectly. The official university channel Twitch thought about how to arrange fun for freshmen in the era of quarantine measures. Usually freshmen get acquainted with the university campus in the first semester of their studies. They walk a lot around the territory of the university, visit different clubs and circles, sections, enroll in them or not.

And next to them, within the framework of the fair for students – right there – there are various businessmen. They offer their goods to students.

For example, fast pizza delivery or instant noodles. Yes, a lot more. But now students study from home, sitting at a laptop. 

In order not to lose the annual fair, the official university channel Twitch has transferred the tour of the campus to the virtual.

After all, the freshman never got into the real territory of the university – just like he didn’t go anywhere, honestly! It’s a shame! Here are the boys and girls – walking around the virtual university, only using the mouse, not their feet.

And businessmen are standing nearby – also virtually. And they offer noodles. That’s just sitting at home, you can already switch to a healthier diet. The merchants didn’t even think about it. But maybe they are right?

You may not be a programmer, but you must be able to program

And here is a novelty! MyWebAr is a project that allows you to create educational materials with augmented reality without programming knowledge.

We have already said that in the new era, many professions will die out. And everyone will sit down on an unconditional basic income. It was clear about the position of a cashier in a supermarket, about truckers, but about programmers? Yes, just imagine. The profession of “programmer” may soon begin to die out too!

After all, MyWebAr (and it won’t be the only one, it will be better!) will allow any teacher to make cool lessons using AR. Even if she only knows one button on the computer… 

Company slogan: Build your first AR scene in just 30 seconds.

So your child doesn’t want to learn math or go to school at all? Yes he is right! Studying for 15 years for a profession that will die while you are studying is somehow strange, don’t you think? ..

Projection 4D cognitive toys

Virtual and augmented reality are also coming to preschool education. Soon, kindergarteners will forget what it is – to beat each other in the sandbox, wash each other with saliva and infect with snot. 

4D SMARTY will put an end to this lawlessness.

4D dinosaurs, planets and robots – and this is just the beginning. “Magic cards” (as the children of some consumers call them) are able to keep the child busy, even if he does not go to kindergarten and sits at home alone in the company of a rather boring old grandmother. And the child will not be bored. And what’s more – it will – develop! A few more words about augmented reality and children’s toys.

Photo from Instagram* account @4dsmarty_official

Photo from Instagram* account @4dsmarty_official

Lego integrates AR into its new concept

So, has the world of children’s toys changed forever? Yes!

The second giant of the market – Hasbro – also produces children’s toys and competes with Lego. He came up with a new Iron Man mask using AR technology.

Why are Ar technologies considered better than simple virtual reality, and especially they are considered the best for children? The secret is very simple! Augmented reality is always a symbiosis of an ordinary “real, live” thing and your tablet, phone.

That is, augmented reality leaves you a piece of the familiar world. You do not stick to a computer or phone motionless, arching your spine and neck. And virtual reality is just about that. People frozen in front of the screen – it is somehow unaesthetic, creepy and creepy at the same time. 

The only drawback of AR is that you still have to interact with the phone while holding it in your hand or in your hands. That is, the hands are often busy. Well, what is this game? What’s the run? To unload the hands, scientists will soon come up with glasses for AR (they promise exactly this) and then AR will completely defeat virtual reality.

Your children will not spoil their backs, sitting for hours in front of the monitor or in the corner with the phone. They will jump and spin around the room, squealing with delight, like a hundred years ago. Only they will see not your petty-bourgeois floral wallpaper, but something better. AR!

Laguhopedia – or everything you wanted to know about the life of amphibians!

“Like dissecting” a frog in augmented reality… 

AppleAR learning is generally a whole universe of AR ideas, each of which is amazing. Frog Story or Froggipedia won the 2018 iPad App of the Year award. Since then, it has conquered the market and has been translated into dozens of languages.

The game is very touching and humane, it will be close to the heart of every young ecologist. The fact is that no one really dissects frogs anymore – people care about nature and try not to harm it, even for “natural-scientific purposes.”

On the contrary, we have before us a whole saga about the most interesting life of a small amphibian, known to us under the name “frog”. About how she was born in a pond as a tadpole, from an egg-egg. How she became a small frog, and then an adult frog. We will see a detailed anatomical atlas showing the structure of the tissues of this little miracle.

Previously, students had to cut frogs in order to learn. But that was in the 19th century. And we live at 21. And we should rejoice at this and be proud of it. We have achieved a lot. GreenLives Matter. And that’s not funny at all, Cartman!

BBC Civilizations AR app

In this application, you will explore works of art and museum masterpieces – like a real art critic, archaeologist, anthropologist, art historian and just a historian. 

In general, this is an expanse for the humanities, obsessed with the masterpieces of the Louvre or Prado. Stop reading detective stories and thrillers about how paintings are stolen from these museums or how mummies there come to life.

Much more interesting and useful is the new BBC Civilizations AR app. Of course, the application introduces only the masterpieces of culture and art of Great Britain and its museums. But we think no one will be at a loss. And if someone is envious, use the phrase “We can repeat it” as intended. That’s where she belongs.

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