Design as art: how clothing stores attract customers in 2022

Clothing stores are going through a crisis – firstly, covid, and secondly, environmentalists are advised not to buy a lot of new clothes, and now it is fashionable and youthful to be an environmentalist. Thirdly, now everything can be ordered with home delivery. So going to the store should be something fun, it should feel like an experience.

So designers (and not only them!) are trying as best they can.

Colorful clothing store in London’s Chelsea

This shop was designed by a designer named Yinka Ilori.

The store itself was called before and is called after the renovation – Happy House. Only now it has become even more “happy”.

Needless to say: in the backyard, open to visitors, there is a cute garden, and there are colorful swings in it. You can ride – even if you are an adult. The store is designed as a kindergarten – and for many adults this is just what they need to be happy!

Clothing store decorated with honeycombs and wasp nests

This store is located in Hong Kong. The store is called Simone Rocha. Don’t be afraid – and intricately shaped wasp nests and honeycombs – all this is not real! These are the masterpieces of an artist named Ren Ri, which he calls “sculptures”.

Why honeycombs?.. Yes, because the artist is very fond of the philosopher Francis Bacon. And the last honeycomb has a through image, its metaphor for perfect scientific work and work in general. 

Glass walls and mirrors everywhere – the minimalist women’s clothing store in the style of the Palace of the Snow Queen

A studio called Studio 10 donated this design to a women’s clothing store in Shenzhen City.

In addition to glass walls, floors and partitions, the ladies were also presented with a “glass ceiling”. And then they keep talking about some kind of “glass ceiling”, from which they suffer so much, and now they will finally have it. And then all talk and talk …

Buy jeans at Dr. Brennan’s office from Bones

Do you like the interior of the morgue? Where do pathologists or forensic anthropologists work? A denim brand called – LAB101 – believes that you like it and that there are many of you.

Well, indeed, after the peppy series “Bones” the morgue no longer scares anyone. So it seems that the charming Angela Montenegro is about to come out – and … what a horror! One charm and the release of hormones. That’s the mood and you need to buy yourself new jeans!

bloody design

Well, not everyone loves cute shows like Bones. Others prefer something hotter, like the slasher genre.

That’s for them and created a special design – bloody. The style is certainly not so hot. The king of the giallo, Dario Argento, did better – for example, in the movie “Blood Red”. But this store is not for the target audience of films by the Italian maestro of aesthetic thrillers.

This design is more for fans of the series “dexter”.

In general, notice a trend and derive a formula for success from it. When thinking about design, think about what series are you and your target audience crazy about? After all, today people live in the world of serials. They really treat them, console them, entertain them, and even teach them the mind.

Absolutely minimalism.

When you see this design, you involuntarily ignite Cartman’s anger, and you just want to exclaim: “Kenny! Stop being so poor!”

But the Domino Tan boutique is located in Copenhagen. And its owner is fashion designer David Talstrup. He does not consider himself poor.

And why does he need such an interior? And it’s very simple. The designer (like any person of art) is unusually egocentric, envious and jealous. He does not want to share attention, fame and admiration with the authors of various interiors. You came to his store and look only at his clothes! In the same way – no one at the wedding should be dressed more beautifully than the bride herself!

Clothing store and contemporary art gallery 2 in 1

It is not known who sheltered whom and who “sells” whom. Rather, both businesses are trying to survive by joining forces.

The store is called Dover Street Market. He promotes as yet unknown “modern art”, not the one that gets to the Venice Biennale.

Rather, it is street art from nameless fans of graffiti and other jokes.

But who knows? Maybe they loosen up over time? It is precisely due to the fact that people come to the store to try on and buy clothes more often than they go to museums.

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