Goods for children in the world of New Ethics

A new century has come, because the covid pandemic hastened its onset and the calendar has changed with a roar from the inscription “20th century” to “21st century”. We see that there really are changes – and significant ones. We live under the New Ethics and under the New Sincerity. Very big changes have affected the spheres of relationships, marriage and family, the gender issue, the rights and freedoms of both sexes, the issue of a new number of these same sexes, and, of course, the upbringing of children.

In particular, men have become more involved in maternity care of a child – this has ceased to surprise anyone. Well, if you want it, you will get it.

Our first example.

Shark stroller

Want to see your little one peeking out of the shark’s mouth? Then buy a Shark Buggy stroller. Mothers are unlikely to buy such a stroller. It rather betrays the taste of the father – since he is forced to sit with the baby – here you are – humble yourself. I don’t go past my mother-in-law’s house without jokes. There was an argument in South Park: can girls be funny? That is, translated into Russian – do women have a sense of humor at all? And there they decided unequivocally – no, girls do not know how to be funny.

And since they themselves do not know how to be funny, they need boys for this. So laugh, moms. Judging by the fact that you yourself will never buy such a stroller for your child, South Park was, as always, right.

Minions bed for teens with the theme of their favorite animated series

Have you heard about the American animated series Minions? These one-eyed yellow guys have replaced SpongeBob and Cars.

A generation of children has already grown up who have become teenagers on this series.

For them, a cartoon bed and mattress was created – depicting a huge hero from this series. The mattress can “hug” its owner.

If your teenager is lonely and loves minions, choose a gift for him – a fun, cool and bright bed in the theme of Universal-Pictures.

Doll teaches girls about healthy eating from a young age

It is no secret that the epidemic of childhood (early) obesity has increased. Today it is difficult to meet a child of preschool age without being overweight. The parents are to blame for this. It is they who feed the child unhealthy food (pasta and sausages), take them to fast food chains such as McDuck and KFC, allow them to overeat on chips, drink soda and other delights of the 20th century food anti-culture.

But it’s the 21st century in the yard! And one of its signs is the universal struggle for a variety of healthy eating concepts and against excess weight. Someone is a vegan, someone does not eat gluten, someone just tries to exclude starch, fast carbohydrates, sugar from the family’s diet – outdated odious foods and dishes of the “traditional rogue cuisine”.

Parents do not all keep up with the times and even ahead of it. Such parents are always rare. They have isolated themselves in their little world and jealously ensure that no infection from the outside mainstream world spoils their child. They choose books, friends, leisure, content for the child.

And most parents are such that all the efforts of pedagogy are needed to get their children out of the swamp where parents are trying to immerse them.

From time immemorial, toys have been a pedagogical device for the formation of the type of personality that the current era needed.

Toys develop. But what? Always different. And now toys develop children’s desire for healthy eating. It would be high time.

The doll named Dessie, along with the book that comes with it, will be your little daughter’s first nutritionist.

Soon your daughter will criticize you herself. This is good. But when she becomes a little older, she will not need to become an adept of body positivity. There will be no need. The girl will grow up healthy and slim.

Children’s set of cosmetics based on “Star Wars”

This set will allow the child to disguise only one character – little Yoda. This product was created by a company called Colourpop Cosmetics.

Strange, isn’t it? What kind of quirk is dressing up as a charming, but still monster? Yoda has a green face and doesn’t look like a human at all. He doesn’t look like anything at all.

Here we see the influence of the New Ethic. So that a child, playing with cosmetics, does not in any case acquire gender stereotypes of an outdated century.

Farewell shadows in the style of the outrageous slave of the patriarchy – Barbie! Goodbye, toxic masculinity male character makeup – Super Man, Captain America…

The idol of a modern child should be gender-neutral (it is not clear who this baby Yoda is) and sweet.

Children’s tractor

And, perhaps, the only product for rednecks, which seems to have been completely forgotten in the 21st century. JOYMOR Ride on Tractor has a huge trailer where children’s toys can be stored.

This real tractor will allow you not to carry all his stray after the child while he runs ahead of you and enjoys his carefree childhood.

It seems that this product was also invented by the fathers-nannies. Oh, and here is the 21st century!

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