Is there a place for cyberpunk in modern business?

Cyberpunk and steampunk… They fight for the hearts of consumers like Coca-Cola with Pepsi-Cola. 

Steampunk (steampunk) is a love for the stylized image of industrial, Victorian England and, in general, for Europe and the USA (the United States of North America, without California yet, oops!) love for the 19th century on horse-steam traction – with its industrial and scientific -technical “romance”, which contemporaries, by the way, rightly did not consider as such and became more and more discouraged, but wrote gloomy poems, believing that they were living in “last times”.

But… It’s good where we are not. 

So what is cyberpunk? O! This is the love of mankind for the 20th century, captured in images, the century that invented the genre of science fiction, but not the one that was completed by Jules Verne (the father of the steampunk), but the one that was headed by HG Wells, and in our case – Belyaev and Efremov.

Do you love robots and spaceships the way a boy who was born under the sign of “baby boom” loved them? Do you know what a blaster is? 

It just so happened that the cyberpunk genre was most productively developed by cinema – and this is not surprising, they are the same age. And what kind of cinematography shone brighter than all of us? That’s right, Hollywood. Therefore, he kind of staked out the right to develop the theme of cyberpunk. The USA and the USSR are antagonists and eternal competitors. And we have a theme of cyberpunk developed, God forbid!

The USA and Great Britain are the same antagonists. So England also contributed to cyberpunk – just remember Doctor Who.

So what was Japan to do? Japan, which capitulated and lost the Second World War? 

As soon as Japan recovered from defeats and began to proudly develop its economy and, after it, “culture for export”, it wisely decided not to mess with busy cyberpunk, but to stake out steampunk that was little needed and unfashionable at that time.

One of the symbols of steampunk is, among other things, the airship. Such a big and beautiful fool, like a melon, or a cigar that flies in the sky and once preceded the modern aircraft.

But the airships came to naught as a dead end branch of the evolution of aircraft. Not least because of the resonant crash of the largest Titanic airship (there were several restaurants and luxury cabins!), Which belonged to the Third Reich (a friend, teacher and ally of militaristic Japan). After the crash of this German airship, which was not bigger and cooler on the planet and which burned up in the air like a piece of paper in a few seconds (!) The world finally broke with them and switched to airplanes. Otherwise, we would have fought on airships in the Second World War and still would have flown them to Antalya. Just think!

Japan moved “culture to the world for export” in the form of its unsurpassed anime cartoons, which in turn grew out of manga – Japanese comics. The lion’s share of this production is science fiction and science fiction in general. 

It is there, for example, in Studio Ghibli, that you will find lovingly recreated airships of all kinds – this is a bright sign of Japanese science fiction and fantasy. There is also cyberpunk in Japan – of course, not without it. But it is somehow faded and secondary, indistinct and not memorable – like any attempt to make a domestic copy of an imported brand. (Soviet jeans…). Import substitution is generally a so-so thing.

Well, if you love cyberpunk, then this means that deep down you prefer the mass culture of the USA, Great Britain and even the USSR – around the 60s. – just when the word “satellite” appeared and Gagarin flew into space. The spread is large, for every picky taste you can choose something of your own.

But is Japan alone on the other side of the scale with its stubborn archaic steampunk? Of course not. Also, France, because the father of steampunk (recall) is rightly considered Jules Verne and his favorite hero – Captain Nemo with his fantastic steampunk submarine.

This is a hymn to those times when it was France that meticulously hosted all the latest technology at the Paris Trade and Industrial Exhibition, when it showed the world a miracle of engineering and a symbol of the coming era – the Eiffel Tower… 

In general, this is nostalgia for the times when France was a powerful colonial empire, the cutting edge of the automotive industry (yes, imagine!). When she had already taken revenge after losing the Franco-Prussian war, she took off and … yet – did not fall as low as she finally fell after the inglorious surrender of the Maginot Line.

In general, if your soul gravitates towards steampunk, then you are unconsciously nostalgic for the power of the colonial European powers, even if your attraction and love for them is expressed in envy and hatred. Well, it happens. Sometimes love for a beauty is expressed in us in the fact that we actively despise her in words and stigmatize her with bad words …

Who is the target audience for the battles between steampunk and cyberpunk? Well, of course, these are people who, on the one hand, are very fond of History, and on the other hand, do not disdain to understand technology. They bizarrely combine humanitarian and technical beginnings.

Friends, of course – the target audience of these battles are men. All ages – from 80 to 7. Selling women – even steampunk or cyberpunk – is pointless. They don’t rummage around in it, it doesn’t say anything – neither to their mind, nor to their heart, nor to their deep subconscious. And the exceptions here only alas – confirm the rule.

Today we will talk about examples of using cyberpunk aesthetics in modern business ideas.

Recall, again briefly – what cyberpunk means. Falling in love with Hollywood cinema – mega-fantasy sagas like Star Wars, Spielberg films, Lucas, etc. Falling in love with American science fiction – Isaac Asimov, Heinlein, Sheckley … 

Passion for British, BBC series like Doctor Who and its spin-offs. Nostalgia for the USSR of the era of Gagarin, and later – Stanislav Lem and the Strugatsky brothers. Some things need to be practiced consciously, but most of the above affect our subconscious mind without our knowledge.

So welcome to the cyberpunk world.

And the last thing we have to tell you in the end, what to warn about.

It also happens that some journalists or even entrepreneurs confuse cyberpunk with steampunk when they start making it or writing about it… Don’t let that scare you. Do not scare you people who confuse at the table – cognac glasses and champagne glasses. They drink red wine with fish, and white wine with meat. It’s just that they … are not well aware of “what is what and where it came from …” Now this does not threaten you.

Cyberpunk keyboard

Angry Miao says so directly – we sell cultural values, emotional values. Therefore, we care about design. The idea is as old as the world: artisan, do your thing well. 

Cyberpunk bar

A bar called the Neotropolis Bar has opened in Los Angeles. Everything would be nothing in it, but there is one trifle. Look – for some reason, the bar has art deco lamps and old … telephone sets. Yes, yes, those very ones: “Hello! Hello! Are you on the phone? Not! At the gramophone!

As you already understand, children, this is an example of a crude mixture of two antagonistic styles that cannot be mixed. Klimt’s chandeliers with non-nufars and decadent windings in the “front modern” style – and telephones from operettas and from films about the Civil War – a place in the style of steampunk, even a first-grader will understand this. They would put a telegraph there and call it “cyberpunk”.

But some entrepreneurs think their audience is stupid. If only they poured something more pozaboriste for her, but she, they say, will not make out the bouquet. For good reason so. Always in the long run, those who consider their counterpart dumber than themselves lose.

Shoes in the style of “mom call the orderlies”

In fact, they themselves position it as “cyberpunk shoes.” But judging by this iron and partly bronze decor, which resembles a submarine from the First World War, of course, we again have illiterate businessmen who meant “steampunk shoes”. 

We have already decided to write the title “steampunk shoes”. But here another detail stopped us. 

The famous shoe brand Vans presents a new capsule collection of sneakers – Old Skool. (Now it is fashionable to write illiterately – this is noticeable. In fact, the word “school” is spelled wrong). And the main feature of these sneakers is that they are torn.

So we can’t call it steampunk. The fact is that in that era, which personifies the steampunk style, only the homeless and vagrants wore torn shoes. Any engineer and even a worker – a blue collar – wore not only whole shoes, they wore suits and ties. So this is not a steampunk shoe store. And certainly not cyberpunk. This is really something in style – mom call the orderlies.

Beauty salon in cyberpunk style

And here is the case when everything is done correctly. And by whom? Women! Moreover, feminists! Plus, they’re African American. How easy was it to solve this, as it turns out, a difficult task for many?

And all I had to do was find out for myself one key word to understand in a nutshell – what is the concept of cyberpunk design.

Warning: “futuristic”. The women understood this. And they did not sin against the style. They really, damn it, turned out to be the most kosher cyberpunk.

Well, let’s reveal the secret – why. Feminists are drowning for the world of a beautiful future, they are sick of the past. So they develop their own science fiction – a new brave world without men. Therefore, they turned out to be unexpectedly correct. Well, are you ashamed? The feminists have outdone you. Eh, people.

Computer game Cyberpunk 2077 

Well, what about computer scientists – are they really also considered fools? And here it is not. Jokes are bad with computer scientists! Therefore, the developers of this game are not joking with the confusion of cyberpunk and steampunk.

They also have absolutely kosher cyberpunk. This game was made by the Poles – CD Projekt RED studio. What made this Polish studio famous? Yes, The Witcher! Another cult computer game. These Poles have taken the market seriously – they clearly want to lead, and people love them very much.

So the game Cyberpunk 2077 immediately fell in love with those who fell in love with The Witcher. It’s like with Pelevin. I fell in love with his first works – you will read every new novel of his that comes out …

And most importantly, there is something to love about the Cyberpunk 2077 game. She does not consider her consumer a moron who cannot distinguish simpunk from cyberpunk …

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