Mobile app-auctions

What do we know about auctions? Nothing. If it were not for Ilf and Petrov with the description of the auction where the chairs were sold, we would have no idea about the auction at all. This indicates that capitalism never came to us, the middle class never appeared. And no signs of a cap-country. But don’t be sad. Russia has always been like this.

As Pushkin said: “Enlightenment is not for us. And we got from him – affectation. Nothing else”.

In fact, the auction (if you look at its dark side) is very notorious. All at auction (under the hammer) very often sold the property of debtors (and still). And at first it was “described”. There are even sayings that are firmly entrenched in the language: “The house will go under the hammer, the property will go under the hammer” … So what is good in an auction and in such predatory capitalism? Of course, nothing. And we do not need such a past.

But the auction also has a bright side – like any cloud. He can be cute and adorable. He can not offend anyone and not ruin. 

It’s hard for us to get used to the auction in any form. Especially in a simple, philistine, fair – like a flea market or a charity lottery.

When you can go for a walk, get into a random auction and buy some grandma’s box there. Or don’t buy. But relish to bargain and get a little bit of adrenaline.

Let’s fill in the gaps. Auctions are different. Dark and funny. Serious and ordinary. Expensive and cheap. Boring and – close, understandable to us. Electronic and live. Art history… Let’s talk about them in the first example.

App access to exclusive museum auctions

More auctions are about art. We read about these in different dudugtivs. When Michelangelo is stolen. People adore such auctions and such detectives. So, a mobile application called Fair Warning makes it possible for just such people to join the world of museum workers, gallery owners, curators, snobs, bores and wimps who are so kind to them. And also – the rich, scammers, ladies with dogs and connoisseurs of the early Tintoretto.

Everyone has heard of two chic auctions – Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

So. Co-chairman of Christie’s auction and made this gift to ordinary people. Someone will just join the event, look behind the scenes. And someone can even buy some little things for themselves – remotely managing their account. And you don’t have to have a suit from an expensive London tailor just to have the moral right to hang around in this overdressed crowd. Stay at home and buy Chippendale Brothers furniture online. Maybe you’ll get a chest of drawers.

An application for selling and exchanging seats on an airplane from auctions

What is not sold at auctions in a developed capitalist economy! It’s just a form of trade, we have a weak and one-sided development. Here we warned you that auctions are both strange and boring. But maybe someone is not up to fun, but just needs to liquidate their plane ticket with a profit. Or buy. Then the Seatswappr app. 

A lot of people don’t like the seats they’ve been able to buy from the airline and other seat sellers anywhere. Not having time to sit down, people always want to change seats. To another car, to another compartment, to another row… Women especially suffer from this. They always tease their husbands and force them to go to the “train leader”. 

They just start itching. Either their lady with a high hairstyle does not suit them, then a snoring child, then the view from the window, then it blows, then it stinks …

In general, transplanting is some kind of mania of all mankind, especially the female part of it. No one is satisfied (satisfied) with his purchased seat! At least in the theater, even on the train … It’s good that once they get to the cemetery, people (let’s hope!) don’t “shift”. Although … This function is taken over by the surviving relatives. It is they who torment the ashes of the deceased and the authorities of the cemetery, fussing about “reburial”. This is the last frontier of mania – to change your place, because you didn’t like it as soon as you took it.

The administrations of air carriers are fed up with such complainers. And they found a way out. Load it on each other. Ask for money that people sell to you, give up their place and change places with you.

And the legal form, the procedure for this fun is an auction. You can also sell a ticket there if it occurred to you not to go anywhere.

Stadium scoreboard auction

A mobile app called Dropit came up with a brilliant idea. How to reassure the fans? How to channel their adrenaline into a safe, peaceful and profitable channel? How to distract them from a completely superfluous can of beer and from the desire to scandal, break furniture, fight with other bullies?

And here – please. You can follow the electronic scoreboard and buy at auction – for example, a motorcycle.

One auction runs exactly 60 seconds. And the prices on it do not rise (as in a traditional auction), but on the contrary, they decrease.

Auction of works of art and design with anonymous authors-artists

Anónimo is the name of this auction. He sells people not “big names”, but what they like. Thus, he cures people of snobbery. And snobbery is the first sign of the lack of culture, education and upbringing. Do you want to buy Tiffany? What are you? But this beautiful lamp you do not want to buy? Do you like him? Does it fit in your living room? Well, buy it! And what brand is it? I won’t tell! 

As one radio host says – psholvon.

The creators of this app are angry art critics who are fed up with smart fools jostling in their space.

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