Transition to contactlessness and self-service: what’s new in grocery retail?

What innovations do we associate with food retail over the past couple of years? Is it with the disappearing profession of “the cashier in the supermarket”? With disappearing plastic waste containers and the widespread transition to a set of products in their own, reusable? Yes, we tell you, but also more! Not only that, – everyone has long known!
So, what is grocery retail in the first quarter of the 21st century?

Smart shopping carts continue the crackdown on cashiers 

The Amazon Dash Cart continues to kill the supermarket cashier profession. This crusade against live sellers in retail is called “contactless shopping”.

Why a cart? Yes, because this project saves her reputation and her very existence! After all, you have all heard that there is nothing dirtier – carts in the supermarket, handrails in vehicles and banknotes. From three things the earth trembles and with four it is dissatisfied. Also add elevators.

Remember there was a hysteria about carts? Like, what dirty hands they have: there the chancre kisses with a spirochete, and Koch’s wand pours them.

The carts could seriously be the first to go into a pandemic. But they didn’t. Because they invented a smart cart that eliminates the need to stand in line at the checkout and approach the cashier. Today it is scarier than cart rails.

Azbuka Vkusa – now also without cashiers

Zippin is a provider of technology that is depriving supermarkets of traditional checkouts with cashiers.

Recently Zippin came and thus completely re-equipped the entire Azbuka Vkusa chain.

You need a smartphone and mobile applications. And if you have a dialer – “Azbuka Vkusa” is not available to you. Not good… Even hipsters won’t like it. That is, fake hipsters (hipsters-grimaces) will just like it – after all, the meaning of their life is precisely to demonstrate to everyone that they have an iPhone and use an iPhone – for show with need and without need.

But genuine hipsters – thinkers and politically, socially active people (all sorts of ancaps, I / we are figures and other adherents of the new agenda) – will be outraged.

Offline self-service store

French retailer Monoprix has taken a different path. There, all you need is to scan your card with which you pay. No smartphones or mobile apps.

Uh. Well, sort of – yes, but still – not really. You still have to pay by card – cash will not work here. Again there will be a claim from those who stand up for cash and are afraid of the transition of the world to complete non-cash.

You should not completely transfer your entire store to a single form of payment that discriminates against huge social groups of people and deprives them of the opportunity to buy from you: either completely or simply conveniently, as they like.

The product scan frame removes the profession of the seller, not just the cashier

Adaption Design Studio has created a scanner called: AI Scanner. This is another step into the era of contactless shopping.

Imagine the department of cooking and baking. You are standing in front of a window. You want pies, cakes, pieces of cakes. All this is packed for you by a nice seller. Now it won’t be. Now instead of the seller there will be this scanner.

Adaption Design Studio says that in the near future, absolutely all bakeries in our cities will switch to such contactless work.

Grocery shopping in 3D with virtual walks through the back streets of the supermarket

Who does not have enough meditative walks with a cart through the endless expanses of a shopping mall? Are there still romantics and nostalgic dreamers?

Inabuggy is a Canadian home delivery service. So that you do not leave the house and do not wander around the shops.

It was they who came up with such entertainment – ordering groceries – like a walker in a computer toy. It’s like you actually visited the supermarket. And what’s so difficult?

It’s just that no one needed it before covid. It never occurred to anyone that people might like this nonsense.

I wonder if you can choose your own avatar at the same time?

Trax shelf monitoring robot

This robot was invented in China. But I must say that he is far from the first.

Shelf monitoring in supermarkets is usually the job of employees. Report, remove the delay, correct the fallen, change the price tags.

If the supermarket is mega-large, this becomes a problem. In fact, no one monitors the shelves – it’s like going into a deep forest, it’s scary there, there are wolves.

Therefore, in huge malls – the farther from the entrance, the greater the mess.

There are two options: either curtail the format of huge malls (which is being done) or, where this is not possible, let robots go through the ranks.

The Chinese robot was made by Ecovacs.

Tracking the density of buyers in the store

It’s not enough to stick a yellow tape on the floor and pin an announcement to the glass: please keep a distance of one and a half meters.

Other solutions are needed here, namely Sensomatic Solutions.

Who will control both buyers and store owners, where these buyers are stuffed tightly, like herring in a barrel? The machine will control them.

Big brother is watching you. Well, what if most people are covidiots? We have to delegate control – to machines. And machines rose from the ashes. Well, then you yourself know everything …

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