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Experience is the experience gained by a person from his actions, and it does not matter if it is positive or negative. This article is about how business helps people get different experiences – for every taste! 

Shooting a car with a shotgun or tank

How often do you hear this phrase, which has become popular in 2020, from your friends who are angry with life: I will sell an apartment and buy a tank, I will go to shoot everyone.

To let off steam, people must direct their negativity into a regulated channel. For example, breaking plates under the supervision of a coach. It is very important here that a person lacks someone alive, feeling and innocent in order to take out his grievances on him and so on. And so that, of course, he does not spoil someone else’s property, which is dear to its owners. Which is also an indirect variant of the first one we talked about.

Therefore, we must bless those businesses that help people destroy with the use of aggression – specially designed inanimate and no-man’s objects. But what about computer games? Are they no longer helping? 

It’s for two reasons. Reason one. Computer games are going through hard times right now. Representatives of the “new ethics” (Political Correct Kids) and feminists came to them. A bunch of bans have been imposed on games – now they look like Hollywood films that have passed all the filters of politically correct censorship. In general, it is no longer interesting to play them. Computer games are a big market and big money. Therefore, it is “sweet” to control and it is pleasant to spoil his life.

We don’t think feminists will come to a micro-entrepreneur who has set up a tiny business in his country house. We think they won’t even know you exist. What is their interest in hype on a flea like you?..

And here is the second reason – it is already quite obvious. Sometimes times come (like covid and lockdown) when people are a little more aggressive than usual. Then it is necessary to “wet and destroy” not in the virtual space, but in real life. Only then will catharsis work.The range where you can shoot a car is called Rage Yard. What is happening there could be named after the famous rock band – Rage Against the Machine. The correct translation is Rage against the system. But you can also translate literally – Rage against … machines.

We think that the organizers of the anti-stress show had in mind and took into account this allusion. The company that came up with this experience is called ScrapCar Comparison.

Zipline with Godzilla

Do you even know what a zipline is? And this is what every climber, climber and tourist in general should be able to do. Zipline was probably invented by primitive people. This is how people moved from one coast to another, or from one mountain peak to another, neighboring one, when there was no bridge. In principle, it was possible to knock down a tree and throw it between two points – A and B. And get over the tree like a bridge. But this is if there was a tree, and it was – the right length.

In addition, crossing a fallen tree is dangerous. A tree can be slippery (if it has been wet with rain and slightly covered with moss and mold. The tree can become icy, crusted with ice, and then it will also slip. 

As soon as a man invented a coil of rope, he immediately refused the services of a tree if he needed a crossing. That’s how at the end of the rope appeared – loops or “cats”, – sharp gaffs that clung to something strong on the “other” side.

Over time, the zipline has become quite safe. It became more like a cable car, only without trailers. And then it turned into an attraction for tourists. Would you like to ride at high altitude past the jaws of a huge Godzilla? If the adrenaline rush is not enough for you, then welcome to the Japanese theme park – Nijigen no More. Godzilla from the island of Awaji will kindly let you ride, with a stop in his mouth.

Grow your own crystal cactus

Here is the set for you. This kit has everything you need to grow several crystals – different colors and different shapes. Once planted in a flower pot, these self-grown crystals will slightly resemble flowers at the end of the experiment. Of course, you can’t confuse them with daisies, but they somehow look very similar to cacti – no doubt.

Growing crystals is a school “experience”, an ordinary laboratory work. This experience is taught to put on chemistry lessons, and at the first. Or at the lessons of natural science – to whom chemistry is not taught separately.

This is the most fascinating and visual science that all children love to do. Buy old books about “Entertaining …” – puzzles, and in general, all books that begin with the word “Entertaining, th, th …”

After all, the word “experience” is translated (if not literally) – “Entertaining” … In these old tasks and pastimes for leisure – you will find many business ideas – to amuse people who have forgotten about these books or have never heard of them .

DIY Vasectomy Kit

Well, how can one not recall the classic joke from South Park – the famous dialogue between Butters and his parents:

Butters’ dad: Butters, are you doing liposuction? Answer immediately!

Butters (dying voice) : Yes, sir.

Butters’ Mom : I can’t believe my eyes! How many times have we told you not to do liposuction in our house!

Butters’ dad : March to your room! You’re punished, Butters!

Do not look for intrigues of a crazed ultra-radfem or jokes of married feminist reindeer herders in this idea. So you will only get angry, and even be wrong. No. It’s just Southpark humor and nothing else. Do not look for deep meanings where there are none and never have been. If Cartman could have a space alien probe in a place where the sun never shines… then why not play the “vasectomy at home” set, especially since it is not real and cannot cause harm.

The series “Very strange things” – invites you into your world

Travel through the pavilions of your favorite cinema like in Disneyland! What is immersive theater or immersive show?

So the fashionable term appeared – immersive theater or immersive show. “Immersive, immersive…” It used to be… an amusement park. You get into a trailer, drive into a dark tunnel and a skeleton grabs you by the neck. You scream.

That’s the whole essence of immersive theater, immersive show. It has long been implemented in Disneyland around the world, in theme parks, and finally – in the Luna Park of the 19th century – the time of the fair tents and Coney Island. The mob does not like to have fun in any other way. The Moscow Art Theater will not work for her.

An immersive theater is a theater where the stage and auditorium are not clearly separated. So this was not the case – even in the era of Moliere (The Sun King) on ​​the stage between the actors, the audience sat on chairs (not always educated, but more often – on the contrary) and gave them cues.

Everything was mixed, in a simple way. Well, now we’re just getting back to it. There are pluses and minuses to this. It seems that the Stranger Things project has more pluses.

Virtual hop picking

Do you remember how Somerset Maugham’s novel “The Burden of Human Passions” ends? An exhausted resident of London, a lousy intellectual, drops everything and goes to collect hops in the farm area, in nature. Other townspeople have already arrived there. The seasonal harvesting of hops has begun. For some reason, the townspeople clean it up, helping the farmers almost for free. Everyone is having fun. The hero meets a girl – cheerful and strong as hops, where the book ends and the character’s depression ends.

If you do not know this English tradition, then you can generally misunderstand the novel. Why did the hero rush to clean the hops in the village – for no apparent reason? Has he completely fallen that he decided to hire a seasonal worker and forget about his intelligence? And what were other townspeople doing there, also not accustomed to the countryside?

It turns out that all this was – not just like that. There is no strangeness in this and no sliding down to the bottom of life. It’s just the British tradition. In September-October, all city dwellers leave the city to taste romance in nature.

They take part in the traditional harvest – specifically – hops. From which beer is then brewed. Such an Oktoberfest.

And do not confuse this with the Soviet “go for potatoes.” The British do it voluntarily and with pleasure. 

But covid and lockdown also canceled this pleasure for us. So they came up with – a virtual collection of hops. To also bring people together at their usual time – but let them sit at their computers.

YCH – Yakima Chef Hops – is the largest beer producer in the United States. And I must say that this English-speaking tradition, of course, migrated across the ocean and took root there, although not as much as other more “American” holidays. Rather, it is more of a New England tradition.

As you understand, hop harvesting also includes participation in brewing and tasting the drink. That’s why people were gathered on a virtual farm. They are taught remotely to brew beer, and if they want to taste it, they will send it to their homes in a box.

Curling at home

The game of curling is a skating rink, ice and a yard. But if you buy a sliding mat from Urban Outfitters, you can play curling from the comfort of your home.

As slippery as ice, the mat comes with recognizable sports equipment. So that you definitely feel complete immersion in your favorite game.

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